Riskmethods GmbH Germany filed Domain Name Dispute over the domain name RiskMethods.com [D2019-0286]. Respondent in the matter was LEVEL2 LLC and Lever10 Inc. United States, Represented by CyLaw Solutions India.

Complainant established in 2013 in the city of Munich in Germany, providing specialized supply chain risk management services based on software as a service solution.

First Respondent LEVEL2 LLC had sold domain in five figures to second Respondent Lever10 Inc. in Dec 2017, the date referred as new Registration in terms of UDRP Policy and WIPO Overview. Respondent owned more generic domain names.

Complainant device/logo mark ‘Risk Methods’ disclaimed in USA for words ‘RISK METHODS’. Further, the website was put to legitimate use but carried AD of Complainant’s Competitor. The Domain Name upheld as being used legitimately as in US where Respondent carries on business, Complainant could not prove common law rights in the Trademark while words ‘RISK METHODS’ were disclaimed by USPTO, which is otherwise a generic term.

Hence Complaint Denied. 

Read complete decision at @ https://www.indrp.com/cylaw-solutions-helps-us-company-defend-riskmethods-com-due-to-generic-nature-against-riskmethods-gmbh-germany