We provide various services in relation to Domain Names, which includes helping you to choose a perfect Domain Name, which may not violate Trademark rights of any third party, protecting your rights as to Domain Names by providing Domain portfolio management services.

In case of Domain Name Dispute against you as a Domain Registrant, we can help you to defend a Domain Name Dispute matter. On the other hand, if you are a Trademark Holder and any Domain has been registered in violation of your rights or otherwise a Domain is being operated in bad faith, we can help you file a Domain Name Dispute under INDRP for Indian ccTLD – .IN, .CO.IN, etc. or a UDRP with WIPO for .Com, .Net, .Org, .Info, etc. in respect of new gTLDs. Also we can help you with suspension of Domain Name under URS mechanism, which is mostly applicable to new gTLDs like .Services, .Guru, .Club, .Solutions, .Domains and so on.

We can also provide research services as to INDRP and UDRP disputes, with details as to different nature of complaints filed. The details as to various Complainant and Respondent, in case you are an Arbitrator with .IN Registry.

For any such services, you can contact use here., which includes free initial guidance and also we can help you connect with a Domain Lawyer in India, USA or Canada !