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Domain Name Disputes –  UDRP / INDRP

Cylaw Solutions is based in India, rendering services to clients globally. We specialize in domain disputes and have extensive experience in handling domain matters before WIPO, NAF,  NIXI, CAC, etc. 

We regularly handle matters: 

a) For Complainant clients against cyber squatters, this includes drafting and filing of UDRP / INDRP Complaints. 

b) For Respondents as domain owner / investor, in case you have legitimate rights in the Domain Name. We can help drafting a comprehensive response and represent before the concerned authority during the proceedings. If need be, can help settle the matter as well. 

c) Respond to the Cease & Desist letter. 

Our recent wins for our clients were in the matter of VertexMedical.com (RDNH),  PUMAExports.com (RDNH), Machani.com (RDNH), KoiBox.com (RDNH), GoSecure.com (RDNH), Levelup.gg (RDNH), Siteground.in (For Complainant), Buysellempire.com, OTPGroup.com, KalyanJewellers.com,  Naturals.com, Zohoor.com, 0ne.com, Enow.in and more. 

Recent UDRP Success

Cylaw Solutions  represents before various authorities  – WIPO/ NAF/ ADR.eu/ NIXI.

Machani.com (RDNH 2021)

Indian Company Machani Infra Development filed UDRP over Machani.com claiming common law rights in the term Machani since 1950s.  

We were able to successfully defend the matter on all three UDRP elements, wherein single member Panelist declared lack of secondary meaning in Machani by the Complainant. Also the e commercial use of mark, post dated domain name registration by 15 years. Hence RDNH  upheld !

PumaExports.com (RDNH 2021)

Sportswear giant PUMA SE tried to allege violation of their rights by our client at PumaExports.com, claiming prior rights in PUMA mark since 1980s. 

A decision of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) was passed by a single member WIPO panel, who held that our client was making legitimate use since 1990, while PUMA entered India majorly in 2005 only. Besides, the Complaint included numerous misleading allegations.

VertexMedical.com (RDNH 2020)

NASDAQ Listed Vertex Pharmaceuticals had filed UDRP over VertexMedical.com, owned by a Pakistani Company since 2006. The same was represented by Cylaw Solutions for the Respondent from Pakistan. 

We were able to get a decision of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) with a single member WIPO panel. 

GoSecure.com (RDNH 2021)

Canadian based GoSecure Inc. througn its US Subsidary tried to grab generic 1999 registered domain name from another legitimate user. 

The Complainant had tried to purchase the domain name on previous numerous occassions but negotiations failed, hence it came up with this UDRP complaint, held as a Plan B to hijack the domain name, by three member panel. 

KoiBox.com (RDNH 2021)

Spanish Company Software Koibox S.L. filed UDRP over 1999 registered domain name KOIBOX.com. Though they started operating in 2014 only. 

We were able to successfully defend the matter, wherein single member Panelist declared the mater as to reverse domain name hijacking. The domain owner already had a registered Trademark and a Company by similar name. 

TAATAS.com before WIPO

World’s leading brand TATA filed a UDRP over Sri Lanka’s TAATAS.com, alleging bad faith and passing off. The same was respresented by Cylaw Solutions for the Respondent in the background. 

The matter was sucessfully defended as the demonstrable preparations to use the domain name were evident, while TATA Group was unable to provide any evidence of use in Sri Lanka in FMCG. 

KalyanJewellers.com before WIPO

India’s most famous jeweler group filed a UDRP over KalyanJewellers.com, as they had IPO coming up and they were operating on .net domain name. The same was respresented by Cylaw Solutions for the Respondent. 

We were able to successfully defend the matter, wherein single member Panelist declared lack of bad faith registration in 2004. 

Zohoor.com before WIPO

Saudi Arabian perfume company Zohoor Al-Reef filed UDRP over generic term ZOHOOR (Arabic meaning Flowers) trying to claim exclusive rights. 

The domain registrant opted for a three member panel as the domain name was otherwise parked for sale and the parties had tried to negotiate the same. The Complaint was denied as Zohoor was upheld as generic word. 

OTPgroup.com before WIPO

Hungary based OTP Bank filed UDRP complaint over OTPGroup.com, owned by US Based Onspec Technology Partners. The same was represented by Cylaw Solutions for the Respondent. 

The domain registrant being a software professional from 1980s had legitimate Interests. The domain name was saved in the UDRP proceedings. 

BuySellEmpire.com before NAF

EmpireFlippers.com brought an action against BuySellEmpire.com under UDRP before National Arbitration Forum (NAF), alleging bad faith as both were operating in a similar field. The same was represented by Cylaw Solutions for the Respondent.

The domain name was successfully saved in the UDRP proceedings, as Indian entity was operating actively online since 2018. 

ValoService.com before WIPO

Franch based VALEO / VALEO Service came up with UDRP Complaint against valoservices.com, alleging a case for typo-squatting. 

Interestingly, the Respondent initially had surrendered the domain name but Complainant refused to accept and insited on proceeding with UDRP. But with a strong response, we were able to defnd the matter sucessfully, for our US Client. 

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